Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Photos!!!

Sorry that it has taken so long to put some more pictures up, its been busy the last couple of days!! I know, hes so serious.. This is his trade mark look when hes awake.. When you hold him he just stares at you like hes got you figured out.. Its super funny..


Alyson said...

Yes, he is a serious little guy. When you talk to him he just looks at you like he understands everything you're saying and is listening with real intent. What a funny little guy!!!

brooke c jackson said...

excuse me! that last picture is a clone of aaron... I want to smoosh his little chubby cheeks.. SEND HIM OVER!!!!

melinda with 5 said...

Aaron and Angela- We are so happy for you. Everest is such a cutie! I was just on Alyson and Greg's blog and wanted to see more of your baby. Angela, I am getting a c-section also, but by choice (long story). We have two weeks left, on May 14th. We are having a boy too! We can't wait, especially me to get this baby out. We can't wait to meet Everest. The Priors