Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer 2008

Alright, sorry it has taken so long to update this thing, but we both have just been super busy. So give us a brake. Anyway, we just got back from Bear Lake which rocked. Who ever thought the water at Bear Lake was cold.. It was so nice, seriously one of the best vacations ever. The whole family was even there, minus skinny dave, and Zek!! P.S. Matt and Natalie are skinny, so good for them!! And F-u Skinny Matt for getting all those tags!!

Anyway, things are good. I have one more final to take and I am done with summer school.. Summer school sucks, so don't ever go.. Angela is at home taking care of Everest and doing an amazing job at that.. We're both way excited that all I'll have to do for a few weeks is go to work at the guard, so it will be nice to spend more time together, we are going to party!! 
Anyway, here are some updated pictures of Everest.. He's growing so much that its kind of sad!! He is way super cute, and does not like anybody's company but his mom's.. P.S. Brooke Williams took most of these pictures.. Thanks Brooke..


Alyson said...

Those pictures are really cute and creative. I guess I need to get some updated ones. I'm excited for school to be over for you...Life is zero fun when it's too busy!


Hey there! your little family is so cute. Hoop I have a blog now it is you can see our little one. He is awesome. Lets keep in touch bud!