Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John & Kate plus 8

I thought my life was crazy with one child... think again! Have you ever seen this show? John and Kate had a set of twins at first and then sextuplets...that's right six kids from one pregnancy!! Every time I get done watching this chaotic show I realise how easy I have it with just one child! So for all you moms out there I recommend watching John and Kate plus 8... it will help you realize how much easier your life is! ha ha.. enjoy! I LOVE YOU E-V!


Mark and Michelle said...

Angela, it's so good to see you blogging. Maybe you will be better at the updates than Aaron :) I love to see the pics of little E-V (ha ha, i love that you call him that). He is the cutest, I want to steal him. Talk to you soon.

natalie said...

I am just wondering how they got all of those kids to pose and sit still for that picture. Matt is always ready to be done after the first shot even if everyone's eyes are closed, and he's not even the child. I can;t even begin to imagine that life. I can for sure think of one pro... only one pregnancy!!!!!!