Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Infamous pedal!!

Aaron is currently fixing up a road bike. He has been really excited about this project of his. Today he came home from school completely puzzled looking for the pedal to his bike. He went outside to his car thinking he may have left it in there… well he certainly did find it in his car… except it was on top of his trunk!! He put it there this morning while putting something else into the car and left it there for the long ride to the University. He drove from our house…on the freeway…parked it at school…back onto the freeway…and now safely parked into our driveway. This was Aarons face when he walked in with his pedal!! I’d like to call this, “pulling an Aaron”! (This isn’t the first time he has left something on the top of his car!!)... Oh Aaron I love ya!!