Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazzy Eight

I got tagged by my very prego BFF Tiffany!! 8 Things I am passionate about
1. My HOT Husband
2. My religion
3. My baby’s squishy & kissable cheeks
4. All my Craft Projects
6. Laughing
7. Being a MOM
8. Music
8 words or phrases I use the most
1. Interesting.. 2. well…
3. Just a little bit of me… being me!
4. Cry faced?
5. Love you Hunny
6. oh absolutely
7. Como estas! ( not sure how to spell in Spanish)
8. well.. no one knows
8 things I want to do before I die
1.Own my very own Shabby Chic boutique named “Shabby Penny” 2. Win a spelling bee 3. Have more kiddos!
4. Backpack across Europe with Aaron
5. Learn another Language
6. Run a Marathon
7. Get paid to decorate peoples houses!
8. Spend a lot of time at a cabin with my husband and all our kiddos!
8 things I need right now
1. For baby Everest to sleep through the night!...Please
2. A fun date night with my hubby!
3. Food storage
4. Shopping spree! Fun!!..
5. A horse ranch for Aaron!
6. Cold stone ice cream
7. Nanny / Maid (every mom’s wish)
8. a BIG drink of Apple Beer! Yum!!
8 places I want to visit
1. Australia
2. The Great Wall of China
3. Jerusalem
4.Itally 5.Spain
7. See Mt. Everest ( just a peek not to climb it!)
8.Alaska!! 8 favorite restaurants (or food items)
1. Mimi’s Café( so much history there! Ha Ha)
2. Happy Sumo
3. Red Iguana
4. Ice Cream
5. Ice Cream ( It deserves to be on my list twice!!)
6. Tucanos
7. Chocolates
8. Mama Adams Cooking!!
8 favorite TV shows
1. 24
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Friends
4. The Bachelor
5. HGTV!!
6. American Idol
7. The Office
8. Americas Next Top Model
8th folder 8th picture...
Cute Everest
8 PEOPLE I TAG: Melissa, Sesami, Natalie, Nicole R., Allyson, Brooke, Nicole S., Kate


Johnson said...

yay!! haha i love how you can totally tell we've been friends since we were in the womb (or so we claim). You really are my lost sister and so many of those phrases you always say just had me laughing because I say them too (absolutely). I have a funny story to tell you about The exorcism of emily rose. I'll call you later-loved your tag sissy. xoxo