Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I cant help but confess my love for anything with butter, sugar or white flour!...
My mom got Aaron and I a dozen of Lion House rolls today and with no surprise Aaron inhaled 5 rolls in the first half hour we had them.
I'm an eater... and not afraid to confess that I cant stop eating these amazing rolls with honey butter.
I am on the verge of scoping the honey butter up like ice cream...
alright alright I'll stop!
But, honestly do your self a favor try Lion House rolls with honey butter!! AMAZ!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes, it's true we did survive the two and a half weeks with out husband and dad...
I was definitely kept busy with my sisters and family all around. Jessica & Jason came out just for the weekend. It was such a short trip that it honestly FLEW by!! It's always fun having my sisters around... we just laugh laugh and laugh together! They are hilarious!! We love eating, staying up late and talking {while our kiddo's are asleep}!.... the main subject seems to always be pregnancy...With 5 girls in the family there seems to always be someone pregnant! For now.... Jessica and Cami are the lucky ducks!!
{congrats to the surprise of baby no. 3 Cami & Kent}

Thanks to the visit of Melissa I actually had a fun time while Aaron was away. She says she came out "just because" but, I like to think that she came out because she wanted to have a girls only week!! All growing up Melissa has been my little watch dog... she has ALWAYS been looking out for me! Thanks for coming out to Utah Mel!

It would have been a long, long, long, two weeks if you hadn't come out!

Love you Mel!!

Miss Maeva & Everest!!