Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heaven HELP us!!!

ANXIETY and ANTICIPATION are taking over! This is honestly how it ALWAYS gets when finals are in the air! I let go of my husband and he lets go of EVERYTHING but school!
but... for now... we...
. Aaron LIVES at the library!
.Everest only says daddy ALL the time but, NEVER sees him
.boredom has forced me to redecorating my house and selling everything on KSL or Craigslist!
.have 5 days until Aaron is done with school
.15 days until I am a proud wife of a college graduate!! {yea!!}
AND...The number one question is...
What now?!?
Answer: we are in "limbo"....who knows where we will be in one month or even a year from now. Were just holding on for the ride! {it's so exciting}
.Just like always... GOOD LUCK ON FINALS BABE!


tiff and chris johnson said...

HOORAY IRAN!!! So happy he's gradgitating. Come to SOCAL!! WOOHOO!! I need my bif back. Heart you sister. xoxo

p.s. teach E.V. how to say tiffy

natalie said...

I'm so proud of Aaron! I am sorry though that your husband is MIA right now. I wish we were there to share in the excitement. Hey Billings is happenin. You could always come here. Actually, I hope you go some place if it's outside of Utah, that's warm and fun to visit.

Grandma Shauna said...

It's almost OVER!!! At least for a year.

brittanimae said...

Congratulations on graduating Aaron!!! (read it on your sister's blog) That is an awesome accomplishment--way to go!!!

Adam & Alissa said...

So sad I missed the big BBQ! Congrats Aaron! I can't wait for that day for Adam! How nice! :)