Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2007
Started at Mimi's cafe... Dated 4 months... Married 2 years!... 9 months pregnant... First day being a DadDy... 2 years later... And,I cant wait for all the years to come!!

Has it really been two years?
I'm glad you chose to take my hand two years ago!
I love you Aaron!
Your the man of my dreams...

... Tell me again why we do this?

so... technically you are suppose to have a slice of your wedding cake on your first wedding anniversary... but, I couldn't have chocolate last year while I was nursing Everest.

{yes, that's right ... we had a two month old baby on our first year anniversary} so that's right folks... we had a bite of our wedding cake on our 2nd anniversary!

{Aaron was scared that we were going to die from eating a two year old cake!}



Reeses Pieces said...

I love this post. It's so cute. So how was the cake??? Did it just taste freezer burnt? You guys are a cute couple and have a beautiful son. Look how much has happened in just two years. Crazy!

Melissa Moss said...


Amy said...

i hope i'm as cute as you were when you were pregnant! you looked awesome! (it's not looking that way though, i have a feeling i'm going to get huge everywhere!) thanks for your comment on my last post, it made me feel A LOT better about everything knowing pretty much the same thing happened to you and everything worked out and you're doing great! love ya!

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

what?! 2 years... that's crazy.

cute post.. and cute mimi ties.

the jackson's love us a little hooper fam!!


katherine said...

I love, love, LOVE that picture of you all prego! You model you!