Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear blog,

1st i miss you! As of late... i've been avoiding you due to our hectic life.

so here i go...
on my mind day o.n.e.
~Summer in California is like winters in Utah... you just stay in doors!
It's HOT!
~i am currently in love with my vanilla swirl who goes door to door finding someone who wants a little pest control in there lives!
However, it has it's bonuses...
.It's like we are re-creating our first summer being married!{minus the baby carriage}
.i get to spend time with my sister Cami ... love her!
. Um... yup, i think i've covered all the bonuses to summer sales! ;)
~Russian new found love
~ i am thirsty for fall... the end... i need the cold breeze...the cozy clothes that come with fall weather!... i need the candle that i get every fall from Robert's {the kind that always comes in the glass pumpkin}... bring on the rusty reds and mustard yellows!
~Saw this movie with vanilla swirl and i'm mad i wasn't in it!... i loved it!

{Vanilla and i agree to disagree on the ending}

~This little sweetheart is great!

He is wild, crazy and has a rat tail...yes, I did just say rat tail! He recently got his 2nd hair cut and this time his daddy really carved a nasty {slash} adorable rat tail into his little buzzed hair-doo. He has been bumped around moving from place to place and meeting { slash } living with new people for the past few months that I think it is a little tough on him. He thrives off of routine... and, after this curve ball of a summer he has everything but routine in his life. He really does make mine and Aaron's life so exciting and very unpredictable... the "terribles" have started... that's for sure!

Vanilla swirl & Everest,

I love you!

the. end.


Reeses Pieces said...

Okay so you have to explain Vanilla Swirl to me. It's funny whatever it means. I hope you're enjoying time with your sister. I bet she loves having you around. My grandma was telling me the other day that she loved your lipstick. So it's funny that you have a post on it. She noticed so it must look good on you. I hear ya on the fall thing, I'm sooooo ready!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

What the cute!? You have the sweetest little family. I love it.

Grant + Brittany said...

hey angela, randomly found you. not sure if you remember me... we barely knew each other when you were pregnant... in the 11th ward? anyway i had to say hi, everest is so big and so cute. what a cute little family.

em ♥ muffin said...

um. hello! i didn't even know you had a blog! shame on me!

immediate blog friends. and go...

Joe and Nikki said...

We miss you guys! I wasn't sure when you were leaving and I didn't have your add to send you an invite to michelle's shower! I know you are in california but I just wanted you to know we didn't forget you! Come home soon!

Adam & Alissa said...

We just saw that movie last night for the big 3 year Anniversary! We laughed...I LOVED it! So cute! So I am jealous that you are in Cali! I am so white I am see through- get a nice tan for me-eh?!

Melissa Moss said...

Cute! Missing you!