Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you scared because I AM!!
21 day's until Thanksgiving... and I have to cook EVERYTHING this year!
It frightens me!
{first off} the TURKEY
how in hails bells am I suppose to get that little "gizzard thing" out !
I NEED a quick 21 day course to a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal!
{please pray for your little Chicky}


tiff and chris johnson said...

hahaha gizzardness, it frightens me as well! I cannot BELIEVE you are cooking your own Thanks this year! You are now a true geisha..Seems like I won't cook my family a Thanksgiving feast until I'm 40! That sounds quite fun to be honest. You'll have to teach me all your tricks! xoxo

Amy said...

haha, oh my goodness, i can barely make a simple dinner that is decent and it's usually only the main course without the salad/vegetables/sides/rolls/bread/dessert/etc... just thinking about slaving all day making an entire thanksgiving dinner scares the crap out of me! but you're so good at everything, you're going to pull it off just fine.