Saturday, October 31, 2009


See SPOT... He LOVED Halloween!!
He was running from door to door!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Goodness gracious great balls of fire!" Photobucket Photobucket I am not kidding when a say "GOODNESS GRACIOUS"!
A little part of me died today along with this cockroach!!
Yes, this is a cockroach.... and we killed it in our apartment!
ps. I don't want to hear anything about how " Do you know what that means if you see one cockroach???..... For every one cockroach there are hundreds you can't see!"..... Ya, nothing of that talk will help out the situation today!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 2 Photobucket Luckily Everest was a sleeping little bunny for me all day! It was beautiful!
Thanks Grandma Shauna your sleeping pillow helped out a TON!
Photobucket It was a HUGE difference between New Mexico and Texas. Right when we crossed the border there were dairy farms... Photobucket cotton farms
{I was obsessed with these cotton farms!}
I have NEVER seen cotton growing. I pulled over a few times to take a picture! Photobucket Photobucket

Aren’t these sunflower fields breath taking! I couldn’t get enough of them. We were passing by the sunflower fields during the sun set! It was beautiful!! Thank you Texas for showing us your many beautiful colors!! xo xo I thought TX was nothing more than a tumble weed and ugly long horns. Turns out it really is beautiful. Well, we made it safely to Texas and are all moved into our little apartment! We will let you know more on our little adventures of the lone star state!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 1
of our drive to Texas

Photobucket The Budgets drive through Spanish Fork Canyon Photobucket MOAB

We LOVE Moab it is soo beautiful! Photobucket Next stop: Colorado
It was gorgeous! { I really didn't get any pictures of Colorado} However, it was packed full of farms in the fall time. This drive came at a perfect time... all the leaves were changing and it couldn't have been more beautiful!
Final stop of the day: New Mexico
It's landscape was much different from Utah and Colorado's.... but, equally as beautiful!
Dear New Mexico,
We enjoyed your different landscape and your beautiful sun set. However, "new" Mexico reminds us of Mexico. Stray dog's were everywhere, and bars were over all your simple gas stations. When we pulled over to the side of the freeway around 10 pm {due to our NEVER sleeping Everest} we felt like some man eater was going to come and drag our dead corps into your landscape. Thanks to my vanilla for packing some heat to keep us all safe!!




Good night Albuquerque, NM...

All-n-all it was a beautiful day! We honestly can say we really enjoyed the drive. Both Aaron and I haven't been to NM before so it was a fun little adventure. Aside from the beauty.... Aaron drove the truck and Everest and I set sail alone in the car. That in and of itself was an ADVENTURE!! We left Utah at 10 am and landed in Mexico around midnight! {yes... midnight} I think it could go down as the longest day ever!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh my gosh! So instead of me being on the phone to friends, family and neighbors I’ve decided to publicly announce my journal entry for the week. Eh-hem... Here it goes…On Monday Aaron got a new job! YEA! We are thrilled and excited about this job! He was picked out of 80 applicants and, I am very proud of him. Then today Aaron got a call from the air guard saying that a class date for his tech school training was opened for us to be there on oct. 16! So now we have to move to Texas next week. Um.. ya… NEXT WEEK! You can only imagine when Aaron got off the phone.. I think we both sat on the couch numb and life started in slow motion. In fact the past few days life have been in slow motion...I have to have everything ready to go by next week and, be mentally prepared for a 3 day drive to TX with an 18 month old. Ehhh!! And, finnaly...we found out the class date is set in stone!!! And, the military will find us our housing and pay for the U-Haul and all moving costs! YEA! This may not sound like a big deal to most people but for the past few months it has been one thing after another and, another and, another! One thing is for certain we certainly are being watched out for! One day everything feels impossible! The next day all of those imperfections completely line up and become perfections!

So with all that being said…. Alvederzane until March!