Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

{ for a split second i considered dressing everest up in an indian costume and taking a picture of him. to show my appreciation for thanksgiving... that quickly faded!}
1. my husband
i thank my lucky stars everyday i was blessed with him in my life! i never thought i really could get the whole package for a husband... and i did!! he's my best friend, he's HOT, compassionate, he loves me to death, my biggest example, SMART, wise beyond his years, and wants to have as many kids as the rabbits you find in montana! he is such a sweet dad! he has a huge heart when it comes to his little babies!
i love you!
2. everest
well, he needs to flat out STOP growing up! i love him to death! he is a small little human PACKED with energy, personality, busy body, full of kisses and hugs, and he is my little buddy!
i love you EV!
3. family
family is everything! we missed them this year... aaron and i both are very much "home bodies".
we love you family!
4. my sisters
they are my best friends {period.}
i want to curse out loud daily because we all live SO far apart form another!
5. my faith
it is the "key stone" in my life. without it i would crumble!
my top 5 things i am SOOO thankful for!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I NEED a shoulder to lean on!

i just watched my daily cup-of-oprah... she made the "big announcement" 18 months from now she is showing her FINAL show! i grew up with oprah! i honestly thought there would NEVER be an end to her show! who is going to tell me all the latest gossip form celebrities that will ONLY talk with oprah? who will show me the "best things" of the year? _eh_ i'm sad about this...

Monday, November 9, 2009

homemade doughnuts
I found a recipe here for homemade doughnuts and couldn't resist!
They are amazing, delectable, delightful, delicious, scrumptious and irresistible!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The event of the season
{click on the link to find out more details}

If your in Utah ... Your life will be made complete if you go to this! ;} {Honestly} A part of me is eating a piece of depressed pie tonight because I wont be at the Bijou Market to sell my little skirts. I was SO excited that I was accepted to sell my skirts at market! But, a week or so after I found out I would be selling my skirts we found out we were coming to Texas. Sooooo... now I am eating my depressed pie... boo-hoo!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I see your true colors and that's why I love you...


This is Redrum… He comes out when Everest is mad. I have been laughing all night long because FINALLY I got a picture of him doing this horrifying face! I love you Redrum… you bring waaaayyy tooo much joy into my life and your little Redrum face just makes my day! Ps. Please don’t come into my bedroom at night and wake daddy and I up with this face! We might throw you across the room in terror!


This is Everest… No, I didn’t stage this cute sideways hat. Yes, he seems to always find a hat around the house and is wearing it. Yes, he has begged to wear his Halloween costume every day since Halloween. And Yes, It was right after dinner. {As his sloppy grin shows} I love you Everest // Redrum! xoxo

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you scared because I AM!!
21 day's until Thanksgiving... and I have to cook EVERYTHING this year!
It frightens me!
{first off} the TURKEY
how in hails bells am I suppose to get that little "gizzard thing" out !
I NEED a quick 21 day course to a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal!
{please pray for your little Chicky}