Monday, January 18, 2010

Photobucket it's been 2 days and counting without his p-a-s-s-y... it's been an emotional loss in our family but, a necessary one Poor little tater-tot is mourning the loss of one of his best friends! Before bed tonight he kept whispering into Aaron's ear
paa-paa ... paa-paa ...If that doesn't pull at your heart strings??


Melissa Moss said...

Poor little man!

Reeses Pieces said...

Carson loved his pacifier too. I think it was hard on both of us. They forget about it pretty quickly though. Good luck!

By the way, I'm so excited for your adventure that's about to begin in Idaho.

Jess, Spence, Brody and Liv said...

Congrats! To losing the passy and Aaron getting into law school! Great news!