Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodbye Week!

I am gladly waving goodbye to this week, with wide open arms for the weekend!
Who is with me?
:: goodbye mouse in our kitchen cabinets. we love you mouse traps; you saved us this week!
:: good riddance to the crazy tasmanian devil that had come out during Everest's temper tantrums {"Tasmanian" is his newly developed way of throwing a temper tantrum}.
it frightens me how crazy and violent his tantrums get.
i'm sure i'll still see you next week, but goodbye for today!
:: i'm so thankful for my handy husband who fixed our car all by his self.
it cost us 90$ ----going to a shop would have cost us 300$
thank you Aaron...
:: this week i said hello to our baby boy who started kicking and showing me his feet!
{i've felt movement before, but he is finally strong enough to kick around..:) }
::thank you for leaving me week. now i can celebrate valentines day with my sweethearts!


Whitney Orgill said...

Hey Angie! It's Whitney your cousin! Since you are expecting I thought I would let you know. Me and Lindsey have our own etsy shop and we are making infant car seat covers you can see some of our examples on our blog at it's a cute way to spice up your car seat.
Don't feel like you have to buy however if you are interested and have a particular fabric or color in mind let me know and I can make you one! Have a great day!

natalie said...

I'm with you! No details needed. I am so over this past week maybe even February!