Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 11

Project Runway
Here is my very own project runway. Some of you are wondering the cost and how this would work if you want a skirt. Here is your ANSWER...
::Email me your sizes,
The measurements I need are your natural waist {the skinniest part of your stomach}, the length from your waist to the top of your knee and, your hip measurement {your hips include your bottom and hips}.
::the style you want,
::the range in *color of material. {example: spring/summer, purple etc...}
*You'll need to be flexible in the range of material. I'll try and get exactly what you want but, no promises!
::And, your address so I know where to send the skirt.
I'm starting all my skirts out at a discounted price while I get started.
Plain skirt with no embellishments ... $25 Skirt with flower embellishment ... $35
Skirt with two flower embellishment's .. $42 Skirt with side ruffle embellishment ... $38
...and that's how it works!
Hope you like my skirts!


{lindy baker cakes} said...

I'm so so so excited for mine!!! I love the double roses!

Danny and Heather said...

Angela this is amazing! After I have my baby I want one!!

Grandma Shauna said...

i really like the purple ones with the bow. But, I think I better just have you stick with making me cards. I'm too chubby to look good in any of these cute skirts.

Melissa Moss said...

I am in LOVE! You are so talented... and you'd definitely win Project Runway!

Chelsea & Davis said...

Angela!! You are my HERO.. I love LOVE these skirts!! I want one! Also do you make these paterns up or do you follow something. I just got a sewing machine and am trying to figure out how to work it! Help me make something beautiful :D

Adam & Alissa said...

I WANT... I WANT... I NEED... I NEED! OM Gosh those are adorable. I want the flower one in EVERY color. I just don't want to measure my muffin top dang it! ok i will email it to you cause i need that skirt! FUN! I love having talented friends!

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

I would like a skirt or two as well...How about we do my measurements when I go to UT next month. That way I'll be 4 months post-partum and smaller! Don't let me forget though, I'll probably do my measurements wrong somehow so I'd rather you do it.
I like the purple one with the bow too! Cute. Cute.

grant + brittany said...

angela, these are so adorable. i am in love with the hot pink one. you are one talented chica.

tiff and chris johnson said...

we're in a fight. answer your phone. i love you.

krystal said...

wow angela, those skirts are to die for. i wish i could order one now when this baby is out, i'm buying two!. i'm so glad to meet you and hope we get to know each other.