Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 15

What a night Everest must of had!!
This is how he woke up... it was too funny for me not to take a picture!
Seems like I'm loosing my gusto and steam for Blog A*Day March ...
I'm NOT normally a "daily" blogger. I usually just blog when I feel like blogging. Weather that's once a week, or once a month... whatever!
Well, were half way through the month.
Which means.... I started boxing up my house today!... Just 15 more days and were on our way!
Aaron and I are excited to move onto the next chapter in our lives!
4 months in Utah .... than 3 years in Idaho for law school
Yea, were ready to get things going!


natalie said...

How did he even do that? I here you on the blog thing. I f I blogged our daily life there would be a lot of pictures of Collin and I at the gas station getting a drink. That's why we leave the house usually. Oh yeah, and a lot of pictures of me cleaning because that's all i feel like I do. Good thing you took on this challenge and not me.

Melissa Moss said...

He's adorable! But I do love that they are also mis-matched, it complete's the wardrobe!

Stacey Sargent said...

hahaha this picture cracks me up!
I love you blogging everyday. It is my highlight!
miss you!