Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 21,22,23

Let's be honest ... my Blog A*Day March isn't working!
I'm approaching my third trimester and I can tell my energy level is running lower and lower...
I have an entire house to box up before next week.
And, lets not forget my fun skirts I'm sewing on the side!
Oh-yeah and than there is my little Everest... Who is quite the hand full for me lately!
Note from today::
I found myself day-dreaming about my hospital visit here in July. I oddly caught myself viewing my "stay" at the hospital as a hotel visit!
ha ha
It really will feel like a spa retreat!
Room service is the only way you eat. At the push of a button someone comes and takes my crying baby. I get a big bed all by myself, and the best part of it all ... I'm pumped up with medicines to make sure I'm comfortable, relaxed, and sleeping well!
It's time for a break!
I would LOVE a long date night with my husband alone with no children.
{Sorry, Everest! I still love you!}
*Please forgive me Blog A*Day March but... my battery is running low when it comes to blogging!


katherine said...

Um, I'm guilty of the same thing. I always daydream about getting just sick enough that I get to rest up in the hospital for a few days but not sick enough for anything major. I do it a lot.

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

Having a baby is somewhat of a vacation if you ask me. Except for the part of the actual delivery of course....
I know how you feel...I always look forward to being in the hospital. All the cranberry juice and ice chunks a girl could ask for :)
I wish I could come help you pack everything up...moving is the pits!

natalie said...

You need all 6 of your sisters right now. We could have that house packed in no time plus we could watch the little guy so Aaron could take you out. I called and reminded him to take you out for Valentines and he said he would except for that you have no babysitting options there. Then I said what about a ward member and he said, "Natalie, the people down here are serious Texans." I wasn't sure what he meant but that was his nice way of saying you live by some weirdo rednecks. I am not being nice but Oh well, just telling the truth. Anyone on here from Texas-I apologixe, I lived there too. By the way, Two days in the hospital equals heaven in my eyes.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I feel partly responsible for ordering 3 skirts. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love them so much.