Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 7

To Do LISTS ::
I'll admit I am the QUEEN~ BEE of the classic "to do" lists.
... I have to do lists for the day ... Lists for the week ... A list of NEVER ENDING projects { Lately, this list only gets longer... not shorter} ... A list of NEEDS ... A list of only wants {These last two list's only get confusing when it comes down wanting/needing to accomplish them. }
I think I've covered em' all!
Today I had some help from Aaron...
this is how it went...
Me: soooo... I was really wanting these two thrifty chairs I found. Aaaand, they are on sale for 50% off. Aaron: Babe, you have SO many other projects you want to do right now. If you honestly think you can get them done in 3 weeks than buy them. Me: Here is the thing... All my painting and sanding stuff is back in UT. But, I honestly do want them! I really will get them done... I want to learn how to reupholster! ... Than he gave me a little spill of how I really need to start finishing a project before I start a new one. He started listing all my many projects I have sitting in the cupboards or waiting for me back in UT. I knew he was right... {Aaron and I both have a little case of A.D.D. We're both great at starting lots and, lots of things ... And we're both great at getting distracted before that project is finished!.... Sorry, Everest and baby... your stuck with these gens!} ewwww... I hate It when he is right! With that being said... TO DO {MARCH} 1. finish Everest's quilt 2. finish Natalie's skirt 3. finish my little chalkboard 4. finish paper cutting "dinoride" 5. finish spring wreath 6. finish T-shirt project
*I'll post all projects when they are completed! Yeah! I'm so excited to get this list checked off!!
Love, you Aaron! Your ALWAYS good at helping me out!


Alyson and Greg Markham said...

Nothing like someone telling you you're not doing something to give you the motivation to do it! LOL!!!