Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 9

skirts, skirts, SKIRTS!
I'll admit I haven't made a skirt in six months and I had sooo much fun making this for my cute sister in law. I LOVE SEWING! It's so refreshing to get a raw piece of material and make it into something.
PS. I have a good handful of skirts hanging in my closet just waiting to be put on my Etsy shop. I know.. I know .. it's time I get my Etsy shop going...
{it's on my "to do" list}
Sadly the move here to TX put me behind on starting my Etsy shop. Than I've been handicap from the human I'm growing. Needless to say it's been a crazy 6 months! I'm afraid the next 6 months are only going to be just as crazy! However, I have a slight inkling that I'm going to have lots of lonely time on my hands when Aaron is in law school. I can start it than!
If you want a skirt I would L.O.V.E. to make you one!


natalie said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! YEAH, I'm so excited! Wow, I should post my to-do's on my blog and then maybe I'd accomplish something because I'm in a total to-do slump. I don't even have a little human in me to blame it on. So, I am already in line for another. You've been busy. It seems like in the second trimester you get this crazy energy and then the last couple of months it is sucked right out of you. And I don'tmean you I mean in general. So, what quilt are you making. How do you even know how to quilt. That is a big undertaking. I'm too nervous to pend money on all of the fabric and then jack it up. Maybe that's why I like the rag quilts because they are supposed to look rugged. Anywho, you are definately one cretive cookie. Your mind is always thinking up aristic things. keep posting your pictures:)

Lindy said...

I e-mailed you. I want one!

Beck said...

Your amazing. That skirt is so dang cute. You better believe that I will be ordering one for after I have the baby. Of course I will have to loose all the baby fat so dont plan on it for awhile.