Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog A*Day March :: Day 2

5 Months :: 22 Weeks


I dodged the camera like the black plague with my first pregnancy. I couldn't believe once I had Everest how much I completely forgot everything about being pregnant. I decided to do a little documenting of the pregnancy this round. Realistically..... how many times am I really going to be pregnant?!.. not that many! Soooo ... why not try and enjoy it instead of hate every extra pound you tack on over the 9 month {really 10 month} period.

With that being said ... a good-old-profile picture will be posted of me once a month.


I know it's slightly embarrassing as the months come larger in number and I become larger than LARGE!!

but...I've decided I'm going to do it!


Today I had my last appointment with my OBGYN here in Texas. I've been completely looking forward to start meeting with my same doctor who delivered Everest come April. Once you've delivered with a doctor and had a good experience ...there is no turning back! It's like your mentally and, emotionally attached to that doctor.

{It's almost like I can only trust him now!.. haha!}


Here has been the situation...

I started out with two referals of good OBGYN's here in TX. Back in October I called the first doctor to schedule an appointment. They knew we were in the military because of our insurance. Naturally to them they asked if I would be delivering here in TX in July? I didn't think it would be a big deal so I told her "No". Thinking luckily I'll be in the safe hands of my favorite OBGYN in Utah!

She denied me service...

ewww.. So I called my last referral and when it came time for them to ask me if I would be delivering here in TX in July I flat out lied! Um... what else was I suppose to do? Go see some nasty doctor off the side of the road? Every doctor here was denying me service ... Basically because my husband is in the military and we would be leaving in time for them to cash in on there "big money" from the delivery! {The annoying thing is she still gets paid for every appointment she saw me. Also, who says I cant switch doctors in the middle of a pregnancy?! }

Anyway, it's like I had to break-up with a boyfriend today! { Do you remember breaking up with people? ... it's the WORST!} However, I riped the band-aid off! I got my medical records and refused to schedule another appointment with her in April.

Eh... Itwas a stress hovering over me for the past 5 months. So happy it's all over with!




{lindy baker cakes} said...

Haha. You are so funny. I loved your story and I love how darling you look!

Jana said...

I hate you for how cute you look pregnant! Ok, I don't hate you :)

SOOO excited you'll be home soon!!!

Beck said...

Well I do hate you and your skinny butt. Your one of those pregnant woman that look way to good to be pregnant. You SUCK!!

Stacie said...

Hi, Stacie here. Jana (Henderson) Bishop's little sister. I think we're due on the same day. July 9. Anyways, silly little fact of the day.

Dana Dastrup said...

STILL SO SO SO CUTE PREGNANT!!! I love it!! You are as gorgeous as can be!!

I love your stories... They truly do sound just like you and I can hear your voice in everyone of them!! Can we please play when you get back here? I need my Angela!!

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

You look great :)

Amy said...

the last thing you need is any added stress! i hope the doctor situation is better from here on out. YOU LOOK GREAT! beautiful!