Tuesday, March 30, 2010

San Antonio :: river walk

i will forever love this picture because... after i took the picture this is how our conversation went
aaron: " are you okay?"
me: " ya, why?"
aaron: " your face is bright red!"
it felt like 95 degrees in san antonio {aaron says it was only around 73 degrees}
i'm sorry! ... tack on this chubby belly and you'll feel like it's 95 degrees!
i think the only thing i kept on talking about was how HOT it was!
{ remind me NEVER to be pregnant in the summer AGAIN!!}
this picture would explain how HORRIBLE everest was on the river walk.
note to everyone out there:: the river walk is a date night ONLY kind of a place.
not for kids!


{lindy baker cakes} said...

You look soooooo good! Look at you!!!!!!1 Wow. You are so beautiful.

Danny and Heather said...

Wow you guys have been out doing a lot of fun things!! You look great by the way.