Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

You can never really put into words what the whole labor and delivery process was like. In a VERY broad and generalising way the delivery was
scary, HUGE rush of love and adrenalin , a relief to here the cry of a healthy baby boy, spiritual, and intimate.... all wrapped up into 28 min. I say 28 min. because I have scheduled c-sections and that's how long it took. From the time the first cut began until the last stitch was placed. This c-section was scheduled for June 30th. I knew for awhile that June 30th was the BIG day! Honestly, it's a little frightening knowing the day and anticipating everything that is about to happen! I normally say I can keep myself together quite well when it comes to the delivery. But, when we were driving to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning I really started to loose it. I vaguely remember Aaron going off on how he wasn't sure if he could watch this c-section like he did with Everest's birth.... He was worried he would be too grossed out this time because he had already seen the surgery once already (or something to that affect).... I was sitting in the passenger seat trying to calm his nerves telling him everything would be fine and that he could just sit next to me during it all and he wouldn't have to see anything.
Than I realised...
I am the one who should be freaking out... not you!
Anyway, we got to the hospital and the nurse started my ivy and took my blood aaaand
what did I do?....
yup, I passed out!
I've never passed out from someone taking my blood or starting my ivy!
(don't get me wrong... I am known for passing out... it's not that unusual for me.... )
I was SO SO SO nervous going into this. I think that's honestly why I passed out!
once I passed out all my nerves were gone and I was READY!!
Before we knew it we were parents to another perfectly healthy baby boy!
I can NOT believe that babies can come out so perfectly healthy and than some can come out so unhealthy. Aaron and I feel SO blessed to have Slade here just as healthy as healthy could be!
I love you Slade!