Friday, June 18, 2010

Reid Ranch

Thanks to papa Peck our family enjoyed a beautiful week at a dude ranch. We went with Aaron's mom's side of the family and LOVED IT! It really was relaxing and a lot of fun! We did a little of everything!
*Everest tried horseback riding .... but jumped off the horse instead* he LOVES the "nay-hs" but hates riding them!
naturally there was Robin hood and little John ....
well, this picture... i know... i know... his cheeks... he really is the cutest little vanilla swirl! -love him!
country dancing... Have you ever tried dancing while being 37 weeks preg ? Ya, it's a little awkward as I am sure you can imaging! Bless my little soul... I'm larger than life!
Thanks again Grandpa!


Mark & Michelle said...

Glad you guys had fun! Love that you are country dancing, you are so funny.