Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 28th!!

Happy Happy Birthday Aaron Dear!!
Among all the hustle and bustle of our new little baby
I'm not about to forget about my best friends birthday!
He is my right hand man
truly the hardest worker I know
he has SO much love to give me and our boys
I really did know my life became complete the day he was in it!
I love you babe and, Happy Birthday!


tiff and chris johnson said...

Hooray!!!!!! Happy birthday to everyone! Slade and aaron ;-)! I'm so happy to see pictures of baby slade-he's simply amazing and literally his brother's twin, making this all the better! Sooooo happy ange-can't wait to see more pictures!! ANd you look so beautiful-seriously. Stop it. You're amaze. I love you! I'll call you later this week xoxo

Reeses Pieces said...

That was sweet. He is a pretty good guy! He's lucky to have you too. Hope all is going well with the new baby and hope you're recovering well Angela.