Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of Law School!

It's vanilla's first day of Law School!
Good luck babe on the next 3 years of school!
love ya!


natalie said...

I love how little Everest is just sitting there smiling like he is. I'm glad to see that you are settled and like Moscow. I'm stressed out just thinking about three years of intense schooling. In three years it will seem like it went so fast:) So, how in the world is Slade chubby? I love it! Everest was so skinny that I thought Slade would be the same. I have all fatties so I'm predjudice when it comes to fatty babies-I LOVE THEM! Your shelf on your wall is darling. Did you re-finish that also? I need a new project. Well, maybe we'll see you guys in the next three years:) Love yOu-Natalie

Dustin Jackson said...

Go gett'em! remember Coure d' Alene 2010!!

Mark & Michelle said...

Good luck, Aaron. We miss you guys. And that shelf on your wall IS darling! If you did that, you are awesome!