Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In a nut shell...

Well here I am blogging again. I think it’s safe to say I’ll start keeping up on my blogging duties. I basically fell off the blogging world due to having a newborn aaaaand moving aaaand Aaron starting law school.
Frankly I am not even sure if anyone even reads this blog but, I guess I just keep up on it for mine and Aaron’s own personal “memory-lane” journal! A few thoughts, feelings and “things” over the past 7 weeks… My baby Slader-nader is 7 weeks old this week. And, to be completely honest it’s a challenge getting used to being a mother to multiple children. Than again when is it not a challenge getting used to or adjusting to having a new little baby?
I truly do LOVE the newborn/baby phase!...
Slade is so yummy,fuzzy and sweet all around!
For the first 3 weeks is all I wanted to do
was hold him and hold him and hold him!
Now... it serves me right!
because now he only wants and "needs" his mommy 24/7!!
Little Everest is my trooper! Seriously he couldn’t be better! He makes me laugh 99.9% of the day… I love him!
However… I think Aaron and I bit off a little too much than we could chew… We had Slade… Moved…(had to unpack, do laundry, cook, take care of kids, get ready for law school AND be totally and completely SLEEP DEPRIVED ) Than… This week Aaron started orientation for law school. That’s when it hit us that so called “orientation” actually just means school has started.
dun...dun...dun... He is gone 12-13 hours a day for orientation and studying.
The scary thing is …. Law school hasn’t even started until Monday. Um… ya… Were a little nervous for how the next 3 years are going to be! So now that the Debbie Downer in me is out!... We LOVE Moscow, Idaho!! I LOVE my new house! It is gorgeous here! And, everyone in our ward was super outgoing and friendly! It’s about 50% full of students. All of the wives were really outgoing on Sunday…. It’s nice to know it will be pretty easy to make some good friends here! The weather here is perfect!... Yesterday it was 80 degrees all day! We live an hour and fifteen minutes away from Spokane, Washington. So we took a little day trip there this past week.
Have you ever been to Spokane?
Now that Aaron and I have visited the city we want to move there…. Permanently! We are seriously LOVING this area!

-we love this tinny baby!

*I call this fabulash thing my "mom-pod"*

Slade LOVES it! Hence....

I love it!


Grandma Shauna said...

The corner of your kitchen looks cute and so do you and Slade. Love that Everest finally put on the hat he fought to wear on his actual birthday. Miss you guys.

jessica kiehn said...

hey, I read your blog! So don't feel like you're talking to nobody:) Can't even remember how I started following it, but I saw it and saw this super cut pregnant girl so I started keeping up with ya'll:)

Is that a moby wrap? We have one and when they are newborns it is the all-time best carrier out there!

tiff and chris johnson said...

haha so cute that little slah-dayyy. He's such a little fuzzy head just like his brother was. Vanilla swirl comin right up!! I can't believe orientation has been such a head ache..but you can do it! Jeff and Lisanne did it and it is pure testimony that law school is manageable. You'll be great at it. 2 kids to keep you busy will just make the time go that much faster!! love you all tremendously. xoox

Reeses Pieces said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I bet you are just loving being back in your own place. I'm glad there's lots of families your ages, because I'm sure you'll need them. My friends here definitely keep me grounded. Best of luck to Aaron as he starts school.

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

You and Slade look really cute in that picture. Pumpkin is your color!
I'm so glad that you guys are off to a good start! I was praying it would :)