Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Military!

Back in my single days I knew one thing would be certain in my future husband… I said I would NEVER EVER marry someone who was in the military. It flat out scared me! I know I am a needy person and I KNEW I could NEVER handle my husband being deployed. Whelp… Here I am married to a military man He may not be a veteran {yet} But He is in the military and I honor and love that about Aaron. Ever since I met Aaron and his family I have fallen in love with our country and have a huge appreciation for all the men and women who sacrifice SO much for everyone who lives in America. I am grateful for my dad, Aaron’s dad & for Aaron because they all three served our country!
Happy Veterans' Day!
{Aaron being sworn in by his Dad}
This was at Governors Day in 2007......
Waaaaay back in the day when it was just Aaron & Angela combo!....
Was there ever a time when it was just he and I?.... not really!
I was pregnant here!
2 months being newlyweds and 2 months being pregnant! :)


Reeses Pieces said...

Wow, I remember when I took that top picture. Crazy how time flies. I think you've shown great support to Aaron with his career choice and being in the military. You're a great wife!!!