Thursday, November 25, 2010

"National Lampoons" Thanksgiving!

Yes, that’s right I said National Lampoons Thanksgiving… NOT Christmas!
why, one might be asking?... My Mom and Dad came all the way from Ut. to little ol’ Moscow for Thanksgiving Exciting right! :)… Here is why… My Mom and Dad hit a huge snow storm on there way up here and got in a car accident rolled the car three times the drive here took 2+ days {instead of the normal 10 hour drive} than… My Dad was like a little boy on Christmas all over again because he was planning to go fishing a few days while visiting me. {I guess northern Idaho has amazing fishing.} Turns out… We were told the fishing right now was HORRIBULE because of the weather!
that's why... anything that could go wrong did go wrong!

All-n-all I am so so so thankful my Mom and Dad walked away from the accident! My Mom and Dad truly and honestly are my best pals. I am SO glad they were able to come and spent Thanksgiving day with us!


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I love, love, love cooking with my mom!
Here is a big high-5 to our Yummy Thanksgiving meal! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Happy Thanksgiving
~love you M and D!


Whitney Orgill said...

That is super scary about your parents car accident! I'm glad they are okay and that you were able to spend thanksgiving together. Your family always makes delicious/amazing food so I'm sure it was way yummy.

Ps. Slade is so chunky I love it!

Reeses Pieces said...

I still can't believe that...I was so worried when I heard. I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Looks like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving. You look so much like your Mom in that second picture.

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

Love the high-fives! Your turkey looks perfect! How cool that your parents kept on driving...A lot of people would've just turned around.