Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is what my baby bump is MMMMMMMM-ing over
::a bowl of frozen raspberries every night

::cottage cheese with cucumbers and of coarse s&p

::molasses's cookies

{I ate half a dozen today by myself...I'm not proud of it!}

:: Dryers Fruit Bars

sugar free Popsicles

{only 25 calories!!!}

* I hate meat of any kind { Completely different from my first pregnancy. Because I was a carnivore with Everest}

The count down is on.....

3 and a half days until we find out the gender.....

Raise your hand if your as excited as Aaron and I are to find out!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We love this little full mouth grin!
He is the cutest little smooshy-gooshy!
::85degree weather::
This was our sunny weekend.
Who has nice 85 degree weather in January?
Now, I have MAJOR spring fever... and it's only January.
San Angelo,Texas might have absolutely nothing good going for it. BUT, it does have great winters!
I can't complain about a few days in the 80's in January.
Needless to say we spent the day at the park, the a/c was on in our car and it was GLORIOUS!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

::I'm not sure we'll last through the "terrible 2's"
I'm not kidding!
I officially went to that psycho place where all mom's go when your "done" with the kiddo's.
I call my "psycho place"
Oh lets all pray tomorrow is better... much better!

* this must have been the wrong puppy outfit he wanted me to put on him!

Dear Everest, I'm not sure why the wind was blowing in the wrong direction for you today but, I'm sorry; I'm sorry, that you kept throwing all your play dough off the counter and cried about it; I'm sorry I handed you the wrong cookie, and than the wrong fruit snack, and than the wrong sippy cup; I'm also sorry I went into the bathroom and closed the door; I'm sorry that you hid in the cupboard and than cried about it; I'm sorry you got mad at me and than hit your head on the walls; I'm sorry that you kept running at full speed into every wall in our house. really I am sorry about your sad day! I REALLY REALLY hope tomorrow is better! XOXO Mommy

* he HAD to put on an apron and help me with dinner.... thanks for your help Everest!

:: PS. please notice how small my kitchen is....

Yes, you are seeing all the way from the left side to the right side.

Everest's crib is bigger than my kitchen!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Photobucket it's been 2 days and counting without his p-a-s-s-y... it's been an emotional loss in our family but, a necessary one Poor little tater-tot is mourning the loss of one of his best friends! Before bed tonight he kept whispering into Aaron's ear
paa-paa ... paa-paa ...If that doesn't pull at your heart strings??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

::where have we been...
Christmas-ing, celebrating, "gestating", vacationing, ect...
now I'm back at home
it's crazy that little San Angelo feels like home but, it does and I'm glad to be back after a month of being gone!
I'm ready to start off Part II of San Angelo!!
::it's crazy how one phone call on last Tuesday
relived two years of
and more anxiety
Aaron got accepted to Law school at the University of Idaho!
Come August well be moving yet again!
We couldn't be anymore excited!
I am so
happy that ALL of Aaron's hard work and efforts are paying off!
{can you tell I'm proud of him... cause i am}
::This week I had my 3 month check up
I heard the
bouncing heartbeat
and I couldn't have been anymore happy to have heard that little beat!
i need to know the sex of this baby
Feb 2 we find out the sex of the baby...
I'm sad to admit that I still cant grasp the fact that I'm really pregnant and having a baby in 6 months!
When I was pregnant with Everest I knew exactly his
what I should and shouldn't be eating,
how I should be sleeping,
As for my little baby no. 2...
I love you
we all cant wait for you to get here
cant wait to find out if I can go buy you polkadots or t's and jeans
I am SO excited to swaddle you and rock you to sleep
to see your cute little face
and rub your soft little peach fuzzy head!
*it's so worth it
so happy your on your way baby no. 2
::Biggest news this week
We finally got Everest off his bottle!
yeah!!'s kinda a big deal!
:: Anyway, I'm back to bloging and I cant wait to keep up on my little family blog!