Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two for tea and tea for two... or something like that!

Photobucket hmmm... sharing his sharks are never an easy thing!
You cant tell by his face that he hates sharing them so I thought I'd let ya'll in on that!
Photobucket Let's be honest... who couldn't be any happier that I caught this little guy smiling. The funny thing about it is he is ALWAYS smiling but as soon as the camera comes out he is a deer in head lights!


krystal said...

awww, angela he's so cute. what a little chubby guy he's turning out to be. i actually really like the snare look on everests face, he's too cute.

Lindsey said...

The bumbo in the bath tub!?! Genius. I'm so going to try it, Ethan is so squirmy he's in and out which makes him mad cause he loves bath time. Thanks for the idea.