Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lara bar

have you ever had a Lara bar?
no? yes?
{please circle}
i have been wanting a good and healthy granola bar but,every granola bar out there is loaded with sugar and oils. Lara bars are gluten free, sugar free, raw, good and, good for you! aaaaaaand the down fall is they cost 2$ a piece. this is why i make them. that way they are a lot cheaper!
this is my homemade take on a Lara bar....
i call them "cookies" and Everest eats them all the time.... poor kid doesn't know he is eating nuts and berries. literally.
step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

*see Everest can't keep his hands off em'

1/4 C chopped dates

1/4 C dried apples {you can use any variety of dried fruit}

1/3C. almonds {any kind of nuts you like BUT almonds are the best!}

1/8 t. cinnamon

step 1: pulse fruit in a food processor until it becomes a paste.

step 2: chop up almonds in the food processor until they become very fine.

step 3: mix fruit and nuts together. {kneed with fingers}

step 4: form into 2 bars. wrap in cellophane and keep in the refrigerator.


Grandma Shauna said...

these looked so good I actually bought some at Walmart today. I'm sure your creations are even better!!

Reeses Pieces said...

So are they like full of fiber....will they cause issues haha!!! Cute glasses.

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

They had an advertisement for Lara Bars on Biggest Loser. I forgot about it though...I'll have to give them a try. Very impressive Angela!

Tiffany said...

Okay, so I am kind of a "secret" reader, but I have to say you have the best recipes! I have only tried a couple, but they are always good. Thanks!