Saturday, April 2, 2011

9 Months


I am starting to hate this monthly blog post. It's a sad reminder that my "newborn" is slowly becoming not-so "newborn" anymore. Father time continues to tick on and I continue to watch my babies get older. I'll admit this past month I was convinced my 8 month old had colic. Yes, colic. He was crying non stop. I figure it's teeth... But, here we are a few weeks later and still NO teeth. However the non-stop crying has stooped. I assume it was just a phase.... as EVERYTHING is with kids! Today Slade had his wellness check up. He rang in at the whopping 1% in weight. ONE PERCENT. I had to practically beg my doctor not to do blood work and stool samples on him. Everest was in the 3% in weight at Slade's age. I guess we just have tiny little boys. (does this mean our girls will be huge and our boys will be small?? scary how sometimes that works out.) He's healthy and right where he should be develop mentally so.... no worries? Right. He hasn't gained any weight since his 7 month check up... not even one ounce.
My snugly, smiley Slade...
ooh I just love you SO much!

Before :: Chubby Slade @ 7 weeks old


After :: skinny Slade @ 9 months

weight : 16 lbs. 1%

height : 27.5 in 22%

head : 17.3 in. 14-15%


Stacey Sargent said...

Do you know I read your blog religiously?! I am just the worst commenter alive. But I love and miss you dearly, and I love reading about your boys and life in Idaho! Are you guys planning to stay there forever, or move back to utah one day? We are hoping to move back to utah next year and settle back down. love ya!

Dustin Jackson said...

Who is that nerd on the bed??????