Friday, April 1, 2011

two peas

Today was the first day in a verrrry long time that the sun was actually out. We’ve had pure “Seattle weather” here in Moscow. It seems like I am craving everything that has to do with the sun and summer! I NEED (want) garage selling season to begin. I need my babies outside 24/7 with nothing else on but a diaper and a bottle of bubbles in there hand. I’m excited out of my mind because today I signed up to rent a 20 X 20 foot gardening plot in my community. It’s going to be FABULOUS! ... just wait you’ll see! These cute little pictures were snapped in Palouse, WA. Only the best little town in the world for antique shopping! It’s the closest thing I’ve got to garage selling....





Grandma Shauna said...

These are GREAT pictures. I will be up to visit when you harvest that garden :)

Alyson and Greg Markham said...

I agree...cute pics :)
I don't ever dare have a garden..snakes, mice, and who knows what else???? No thanks!
I'll leave the gardening to you :)

Reeses Pieces said...

You can rent a garden plot...that's pretty cool. Slade may be little but he doesn't look it. He looks totally normal to me. I guess I don't remember what a 9 month old is supposed to look like. What cute pics of your boys.