Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i may or may not be going crazy

i'll be honest i'm not a big fan of blog posts without pictures; however, my computer was born in the late 1900's and is refusing to upload photos from my cameras. hence the non-photo blog. so here is the true grit... aaron finished finals on a friday and then that following monday we started our "crazy" summer. he flew home to UT to work two jobs and than flew back late thursday nights which means we only saw him fri, sat, and sundays. he did that routine for two weeks and then {dun, dun, dun..} he took off for a military training course for 3 weeks which brings us up to date. this also brings us to the fact of me being a single mom. it really hasn't been too crazy. sometimes you just do what you have to, and right now is one of those times! spring cleaning my house, potty training everest, and surviving NO sleep has kept me more than busy. everest has decided to have an imagenary pet owl. i'm not sure if he likes it or if he is afraid of his owl. it's a tug-of-war between scary and cute to him {kinda like santa}. potty training has been a breeze with him; so easy! i have NO tricks up my sleeve because it was ALL him. it honestly took 3 {easy} days and he was trained. don't get me wrong accident's happen here and there,but over all he is trained as trained can be! the boy's have decided to wake up around 5 to 6 am every morning, aaand if it was up to them they would go to bed around 5:30pm every night. no joke! lately i put them to bed around 6:30pm-it's crazy!! as for slade he is my round chubby ball. and, his first birthday is in a few weeks. WHAT! i know! i am sadder than sad about it! i want him to stay my little baby boy longer! he lives his life crawling around the house panting like a dog with rabies.i love it... i love it... he is always somehow eating laundry detergent or dish soap. whatev... he is alive! as for me i'm taking a large sleeping pill tonight at 7 and sleeping until it's fall! ha ha... seriously wouldn't that be fabulous!


Rick and Kori said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been crazy busy! I loved reading your entertaining! Good luck with the single mom stuff! Rick did that for a few months (traveling and coming home on the weekends), I only have one, but like you I was surprised that I was able to do it with relative ease. You're right, you just do what you have to :) I need to start potty training Daci but I'm scared. I hope it goes as smoothly as it did for yoU! PS I can't believe Slade is almost a year already!