Monday, June 13, 2011


i just had a dream i found out i was pregnant.... it was frightening beyond all reason! i feel like everyone get's at least one "surprise baby". i think aaron and i got our "surprise baby" with everest. call me crazy but when you find out your 6 weeks pregnant at your 6 week mark of being newly married.... kinda sounds like a HUGE suprize to me! i am sooo glad i have my two little boys {obviously} butttttt this little mama bear needs a huge break! i think i'm a crazy mom as it is and if you get me preg right now i would turn into a reallllly crazy mom! on that note... have a good monday!


natalie said...

Oh I'm with you. Oh wait, mine was for real. I'm actually very excited and happy now but not a couple of months ago. It'a hard to be prego and have little ones. By the way, you're not crazy-just tired and in need of some adult time. Technology is pretty cool. Imagine if those guys in the World Wars could have talked to their kids. They wouldn't have known what to do with themselves. See you soon!