Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pike Place Market

we took a little weekend trip to Seattle since we live about 4 hours away
i'm starting to realise i've got this "thing" with markets
i get so excited over fresh anything and this market had the freshest of fresh and i loved every minute of it.


Reeses Pieces said...

Didn't you love it there? It's one of my top favorite cities I've ever been to. Didn't you love the guys behind the counter throwing the fish too...very handsome :) I actually heard they were hired not only on their fisherman skills but on their looks too--true story. Dave's brother is based up there and his aunts and cousins are all there so luckily the times we've been there we've got to know the REAL Seattle. I love it!!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed!!!

Mark & Michelle said...

I LOOOOVE Pikes Place Market! Miss you guys. Come home.

krystal said...

cool pics hooper. we decided to go to seattle the same weekend and finally buy a car. glad you guys made it over and had fun.