Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the snap shots of seattle...

along with some points of interest from seattle...

  • everests biggest let down to date... he didn't see any sharks in the ocean.... HUGE let down.
  • we just happened to be in seattle during "gay pride day" :: waaaay too many men walking around in white-y-tighties, angel wings, high heels and rainbow boas!
  • slade decided to start his day at 3:30 am. both mornings
  • best point of the trip :: we were all together as a family. since aaron had been gone for over 3 weeks it was high time we were all together!





you guys! who is loving my post baby re-growth of hair in this picture?! eeek!


Kate said...

what fun! too bad there weren't any sharks to be seen! love your red toms!!!

Rick and Kori said...

So cute! Daci lost all her hair a few weeks after birth and it didn't start growing again til she was like 15 months. It was the worst! Good thing Slade is so cute bald :) Glad you had fun in Seattle!

krystal said...

how fun. glad you got your time together in seattle. love your red toms too.

Reeses Pieces said...

Great pics...once again, I love that city. Cute red TOMS, I have the same ones...love em! See you all soon.