Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bob evans, dick nourse, jay leno... doesn't make a difference to me. . .

a star is a star!
i'm not afraid to admit that i will always and forever be star struck!
i'm not a big Jay Leno fan but, i know someone who is. Aaron's 80 year old grandma! for her birthday all of her kids and some of her grand kids took her to see Jay Leno. the biggest rush of the night was when Steve Carrel made a surprise visit on the show!


natalie said...

I love that Reiley was able to snag this picture before the Leno Phone Posse saw. They were so strict about it. Isn't it funny that there are these people out there that we think are so wonderful just because they sit behind a camera for their job? Still can't believe how petite Steve Carell was.