Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYC Part 1

sometimes i embarrass myself... really i do.

i had more fun being in places celebrities had been in than a child on Christmas morn-in.

this is the "red carpet" of our trip.


{this is where the film was shot in front of the fire place.}


{my favorite place i went! Mood designer fabric is where project runway contestants purchase there fabric from. so fun! i was in heaven... literally floating on cloud nine.}

Seinfield... The Restaurant

Hitch... Rice to Riches {mmmm so yummy!} the Kardashians

{aaron's cousin jocelyn and i are proud kardashian f.a.n.s.! we obviously couldn't afford anything in the store. {offensive} but, as you can tell i tried my best to look like a kardashian.


Friends... this picture was for ross {aaorn's favorite giraff character!}


{look at the first picture. i am so excited to be in front of the camera... ha ha}

* aaaaaaand this is where i embarrass myself.

somehow, i jumped in front of a film crew shooting "Extra". at first i stood behind this amazingly beautiful lady. meanwhile, i'm thinking "this is it... this is when i get my 30 seconds of fame." then they asked me some questions about aston Kutcher, and it happened... i got my first {not my last} 30 seconds of fame.


Rick and Kori said...

So fun! I need to go to all of those places! I love Mood and Project Runway too! When will you be on Extra!? So exciting!

krystal said...

you're now too cool for me hooper... i'm jealous of all your famous stops.