Tuesday, November 8, 2011

skinamarinki-dinky-do....I love you!

Day light savings time is ruining my life! Literally! It's the WORST! We are suddenly all over the place.... Some would say a hot mess!
I LOVE this picture I took of everest. I just want to freeze it and keep him like this foreverrrrrr. the reason why I love it is because he has with him and on him all of his most precious things. Of coarse he has his soccer jersey on and he is nestled in his "blanky- pillow frogie".
I am a mom.
And I love it.
The other night while I was making dinner I had slade holding onto my leg crying (he lives in this position....no worries... He's not needy at all!). Everest was building a fort in the kitchen and I had pandora playing the ABC's song. It was crazy and silly and slightly comical. Then I thought about all of those people who have 8 or 9 kids and I think ...HOW?WHY?....who knows why really! Regardless I am happy that I have these boys to make me go crazy! I would feel purposeless with out them.
And then it's moments like this with everest that I can stand back and just watch my sweet boys grow up.



Rick and Kori said...

Agreed on everything you said. Daylight savings is also ruining my life, I also don't know how people have 8 or 9 kids, and I also would feel purposeless without my child. Being a mother is wonderful (and exhausting!) :)

Grandma Shauna said...

Daylight saving time is ruining my life. It's 5:38 right now and I think I should be in bed, it is so dark outside.