Friday, September 30, 2011


H.E.L.P. i can not stop pinning!
sooo excited about this love seat.
because i own this love seat.
only it needs to be painted white and reupholstered.
who doesn't need organising tips?
Aaron {or my dad},
i need help making this table! asap!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

NYC Part 3

Aaron, here i give you wall street. i tried my heart and soul to find you something in NY. but, let's face it i found na-da! so i give you the stock exchange and hope your little dreams and immagination can run wild.



{kelsey, grandpa, jocelyn... aaron's cousin's} Grandpa/Papa Peck came with us girls. it was fun to have him running around in the city with us. he is one patient man to go on a trip of mostly shopping and some sight seeing with 10 girls. we loved having him there!




Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so far this morning. . .

5:45am : slade woke up. i stepped on a metal airplane. it cut a gaping whole into the arch of my foot. ten min later.... i passed out. yup. me laying on the floor all in one large cold sweat. 8:29 : called poison control . . . slade bit into an instant cold pack that was in our first aid kit.{the kit was still on the floor from my ridiculous injury.} 8:42 : everest took one of his metal airplanes and beat it into my coffee table and make 3 deep gashes in the table. now i have to sand and repaint. *ehhhh! to be continued . . .

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elephant Ears


“Latah County Fair” the single only event that Moscow has. There were rides and baby pigs we wish we could take home but… really we came for the Elephant Ear. That’s right. A chewy scone basking in butter with cinnamon and sugar. This fair is the coziest and, quaint little thing on this side of the Mississippi. No lie. However, Slade’s leg’s in his skinny jeans and Everest’s facial expressions during the rides is the reason why it was so fun.





Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NYC part 2

*9/11 & battery park


Alyson {Aaron's sister}


Natalie & Nicole {also... Aaron's sisters}


*being there for 9/11 was really special. there was such a reverence down in battery park due to the celebration of 9/11. it was nice to see that. i saw a lot of people whith a picture of someone on there shirt that said' "in memory of..." it made me think twice about all the families who lost someone in the terrorist attack. when 9/11 actually happened the unity that america had was overcoming to be apart of. it was nice to see a taste of that all over again. but, most of all it was nice to remember the families who lost someone that day.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

his first day





you are my little blue bear! my heart swoons over you. you are my first born and you will always hold a sweet spot in my heart. today was your first day of preschool and it felt like my first day of preschool. i was nervous and shy right alongside you. i'm glad that you are the little man in my life that i get to share all of my first's with. when you have a first i get to have that first right with you. I love you everest Love, mom

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYC Part 1

sometimes i embarrass myself... really i do.

i had more fun being in places celebrities had been in than a child on Christmas morn-in.

this is the "red carpet" of our trip.


{this is where the film was shot in front of the fire place.}


{my favorite place i went! Mood designer fabric is where project runway contestants purchase there fabric from. so fun! i was in heaven... literally floating on cloud nine.}

Seinfield... The Restaurant

Hitch... Rice to Riches {mmmm so yummy!} the Kardashians

{aaron's cousin jocelyn and i are proud kardashian f.a.n.s.! we obviously couldn't afford anything in the store. {offensive} but, as you can tell i tried my best to look like a kardashian.


Friends... this picture was for ross {aaorn's favorite giraff character!}


{look at the first picture. i am so excited to be in front of the camera... ha ha}

* aaaaaaand this is where i embarrass myself.

somehow, i jumped in front of a film crew shooting "Extra". at first i stood behind this amazingly beautiful lady. meanwhile, i'm thinking "this is it... this is when i get my 30 seconds of fame." then they asked me some questions about aston Kutcher, and it happened... i got my first {not my last} 30 seconds of fame.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

back to life back to reality~

i just got back from a week long vacation in NYC.
i cant say enough good things about this trip.
it was amazing to say the least.
it was sooo nice to re-visit the "selfish" angela.
i say selfish because for 7 days i only had to think about what angela wanted.
but, now i am home.
i was able to step away from my real life for awhile and,realise how amazing my life is as a "regular-old stay at home mom".
i needed this NY trip. {then again... who doesn't need a NYC trip?}
thank you shauna and dave for this trip!
aaaand thank you shauna for watching my kids
aaaand for making my house feel like martha stewart came to live in it for a week. :)

{obviously more pictures are to come...}

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red's first hair cut

did you know Slade has red hair?
yes, red!
my dreams and wishes have now come true.
except for the fact that we cut it all of today.
we gave him a little buzz, buzz.
he was starting to get that smeegle-ish looking baby hair.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Laborday's Blackberry's

i can't say it enough i love northern idaho.
we drove from little moscow through the rolling wheat fields to an even smaller town.
which brought us to julietta, idaho.
where blackberries grow on the side of the road.
i know it's crazy!
we picked bowls upon bowls of blackberries.
today we saw bears on a reserve,
had a family nap,
ate hamburgers for dinner,
and then finished our day by picking blackberries.
it was nothing extreme or glamorous it was just us being us.
i love my little family of four.